Artist Statement


My urge to create began during my early childhood.

When I was 18 I decided to go to Art School where I discovered my love for printmaking and began my artistic development and exploration.

As I work, I feel the sense of ‘Purpose’ and ‘Liberty’, this is of great importance to me – the sensation of being able to express myself through art.
Art is not just for my personal satisfaction, it is also about the joy of being able to touch someone.

I’m inspired by nature, literature, theater, music, film.

Along the path of my creative process are intuition and sensitivity. Through this, emotions, moods and memories find their way in to my work.

Which techniques do I use?

During 10 years in te past I specialized in a fascinating printmaking technique called Mezzotint.
I  love to draw and paint on paper with pencil, acrylics, ink and water colours.

Sfeerbeeld atelier

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